How to Get the Tech Wizard Lens in Prodigy

Find out how to get the Tech Wizard lens in Prodigy. This valuable lens will help you take your Prodigy game to the next level!

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So you want to know how to get the tech wizard lens in Prodigy? Well, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that it’s not too difficult to get your hands on this powerful piece of equipment; the bad news is that you’ll need to grind for a while before you can afford it.

The tech wizard lens is a rare item that can be found in treasure chests or as a drop from certain monsters. If you’re lucky enough to find one, it will sell for a pretty penny at the shop. However, if you’re patient and grind out some levels, you can eventually earn enough money to buy it outright.

Once you have the tech wizard lens, it will boost the damage of your fire spells by a significant margin. It also has a chance of critical hit, meaning that your fire spells will sometimes deal double damage. If you’re going for a mage build in Prodigy, then this is one piece of equipment that you definitely want to get your hands on!

What is the Tech Wizard Lens in Prodigy?

The Tech Wizard Lens is a rare item that can be found in Prodigy. It is used to unlock the door to the Tech Wizard’s lair.

This lens can be found randomly in treasure chests or dropped by enemies, so there is no guaranteed way to get it. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of finding the lens:

-Explore Prodigy’s world as much as possible. The more areas you explore, the more likely you are to find a lens.
– Defeat enemies and open treasure chests whenever you get the chance. Both enemies and chests have a small chance of dropping the lens.
– Check back often! The world of Prodigy is constantly changing, so new areas and opportunities to find the lens may appear over time.

If you’re lucky enough to find the Tech Wizard Lens, make sure to head to the Tech Wizard’s lair right away!

How to Get the Tech Wizard Lens in Prodigy

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Tech Wizard lens in Prodigy. The Tech Wizard lens is a special type of lens that allows you to see Prodigy updates before they happen! To get the Tech Wizard lens, you’ll need to be a member of the Prodigy Math Game community.

Step One: Finding the Right Quest

In order to get the Tech Wizard Lens, you’ll need to complete a quest in Prodigy. The quest is called “The Final Piece” and is given by Crogar, who can be found in the Prodigy Math Game world of Mystix.

##Step Two: Completing the Quest
Once you’ve found and accepted the quest from Crogar, you’ll need to complete it. The quest tasks you with finding and defeating the three Tech Wizards: Gromblin, Zarek, and Mekton. These wizards can be found in different parts of Mystix, and each one must be defeated in order to complete the quest.

##Step Three: Getting the Lens
Once you’ve completed the quest, you’ll be rewarded with the Tech Wizard Lens. This lens can be equipped by any student in Prodigy and will grant them access to special tech-based spells and abilities.

Step Two: Completing the Quest

In order to get the Tech Wizard Lens, you’ll need to complete the “Wizard Technology” quest. To start the quest, simply speak to any of the NPCs in Prodigy that have a “!” above their head. One of these NPCs will give you the quest.

The quest requires you to collect 6 pieces of data from around Prodigy. Data can be collected by defeating certain enemies, or by finding data discs hidden in certain places. Once you have collected all 6 pieces of data, return to the NPC that gave you the quest and they will reward you with the Tech Wizard Lens!


You should now have the Tech Wizard lens in Prodigy!

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