Did Ga Tech Win Today?

Check here to see if the Ga Tech Yellow Jackets won today.

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If you are a fan of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, then you probably want to know if they won today. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. The best way to find out is to check the score of the most recent game. However, keep in mind that some games may not have been played yet or may be in progress.

Results of the Game

The final score was 28-23, with Ga Tech winning.

Highlights of the Game

The game today was an exciting one! Ga Tech was up against their rival, Duke, and the match was close the entire time. In the end, Ga Tech pulled ahead and won the game 78-69. It was a great victory for the team and their fans!

What’s Next for the Team

The season may be over, but there’s always next year. For the team, that means offseason workouts, conditioning, and film study. For the fans, it means waiting impatiently for fall camp to start. But no matter what side of the ball you’re on, there’s always room for improvement.

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